About Us - CL Fachverein

What do we do?

CL@ZH, the Computational Linguistics Student Association at the University of Zurich, is dedicated to connecting students with an interest in computational linguistics. We aim to support our members' academic and social endeavors through workshops, online resources and social events. Our goal is to foster a collaborative and engaging environment that promotes learning and professional development within the field. Whether you're new to computational linguistics or have been immersed in the field for some time, CL@ZH welcomes you to join our community.

Team Members

Luc Aggett


Luc is a third-year CL Major at UZH. He enjoys using programming to build things in whatever form (Including making this website).

Maritina Panagiotopoulou

Event Management & Public Relations

Maritina is a second-year CL Major at UZH. Aside from her studies, she enjoys good food, all kinds of coffee, good company, and is absolutely wicked at water polo. Oh, she's Greek, by the way.

Isabelle Cretton

Communications & VP

Originally from Britain and raised in Switzerland, she has settled in Zürich for the past nine years. she is passionate about Machine Learning and aims to bridge the gap between human and AI cognition.

Irina Stroescu

Event Management

Irina is in her second year of Masters in CL. She initially came as an exchange student from Linguistics, and after seeing the wonders of CL decided to switch majors and stay in Zurich. She likes all cute things and animals.

Corina Raclé

Event Management

Corina is a CL Major/Biology Minor at UZH. She likes figuring out puzzles, aquascaping and fantasy novels. Also always happy to learn new pieces of trivia :)

Moritz Preisig

Event Management

Moritz is a Master's student based in Zürich, where he was born and raised. His academic interests include Machine Learning and Large Language Models in Natural Language Processing. In his leisure time, Moritz can often be found playing Kicker at Binz or playing the trombone in various orchestras.


Edda Pendl

Accounting (Kassier)

Edda is a Bachelor's student in in Computational Linguistics and Astrobiology. She has a passion for music, games, and programming. Her favorite game is Baldur's Gate 3.


Luca Salini


Luca is in his first year of Master in CL and Scandinavian Studies (Minor) and is academically interested in any kind of ML, especially Translation. He also has a cute Labrador, which results in him loving fresh air and being outside. He also enjoys inside things, like playing video/board games or an instrument.